Sydney Festival Concerts


At the 20th Australian International Music Festival, Sydney

4-12 July 2009.

After an exciting week of performances around Sydney

 - at the Opera House, Angel Place Recital Hall and St Andrews Cathedral -  the Bruce Murray Singers were delighted to win a Silver Award for their adjudicated performance.

As the only choral group representing New Zealand at this prestigious international event, the singers commissioned David Hamilton to arrange the lovely Maori lullaby "Hine e Hine" for them.  In their sparkling black and silver outfits the singers sang their best and their performances  were received with cheers and shouts of appreciation from the audience.

Another change of costume, this time with a dazzling aqua blue and black combination, signaled the show choir's change of pace with "Broadway Classics".  But, no song won more applause than "Defying Gravity" from "Wicked" with its upbeat arrangement and strong, choreographed moves.

It was very satisfying to achieve a solid silver placement against polished choral groups from China, Singapore and Australia.



        Bruce         Sue with silver award    Leonie - our pianist.


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